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They're Gonna Love You!

Jul 24, 2019

What is New and Noteworthy in Apple Podcasts and should you even care about? Today's episode is all about knowing the rules to New and Noteworthy and why it can be so important to the successful launch of your podcast.

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Jul 17, 2019

Where do you find the data and how do you interpret it?In today's episode, we are going to talk about the Key Performance Indicators and why they are so important to monitor the success of your new podcast.

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Jul 10, 2019

Show vs episodes, hosting vs distribution, video vs audio, and the list goes on! There's so much involved in podcasting basics and in today's episode, we're going to be talking about all the ins and outs of podcasts.

Jul 3, 2019

Being a guest on a podcast or hosting a guest on your podcast is an incredible way to market yourself and attract more listeners to your show. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you 5 questions that will prepare you to be a guest and remove any element of surprise during the show so you can be a...

Jun 26, 2019

The creative drought, we’ve all been there. In this episode, I’m pulling directly from the Start Your Show Self-Guided Course to give you 4 strategies that will help your creative ideas flourish. 

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